Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to do a quick post to say --

I just want to mention a few things that i'm thankful for :D

Jesus Christ - and the Pilgrims  I am thankful for, of course, Jesus Christ. Because without Him we wouldn't be here, well maybe we would but we certainly wouldn't be very happy and thankful! And I am thankful that the Pilgrims wanted to worship God freely so they made their new country (i might not be getting this all right i didn't research it haha ;) So now we can all worship God without worrying,

My family! I have the most wonderful family ever! My family always seems to be in a good mood, at least it seems like that...probably because they are always in a good mood when i'm in a bad mood lol Anyway they are always there for me to cheer me on!

My friends ;) I love my friends! They are always there for my to encourage me! I have two really really special dear friends and then just a few other friends that are dear but aren't as close as my two special dear friends (i hope that makes sense! :P)

The blogging world! I really like to blog, but sometimes i'm not very consistant probably because sometimes it's hard for me to sit down and write a blog post when it might take awhile. But i love my followers! and i really really love comments!
(( hint hint))

The gifts that God gives us :D  I know that God gives each and every one of us gifts. Some know there gifts some don't, yet. I don't think i know mine yet....but i do know that God also gave us talents. Like singing, and dancing and drawing and talking. (of course there are much more but i don't really feel like naming all of them maybe sometime i'll do a post on gifts and talents) Anyway i'm glad God gave us these talents, especially the singing talent! I love music! ((who doesn't?!)) I know a lot of songs! (some i don't even know i know! lol in other words i forget about them and then  i hear it and i can sing it word for word ((almost)) lol)

Those are just a few things that i am thankful for!

I'm not feeling very good write now... i have a sore throat and i am cold and tired. I just got back from my grandma's house. And in about an hour maybe we are going to my Aunt's and Uncle's house. I just wish I felt better! :p Oh well! I'm just glad i don't feel so bad where i can't even go! and i'm glad that i'm sick now and not when i go to Samarah's!
Well i just want to say,


samarah said...

Great post SarahLynn :) Praying really really hard that you feel better so you can come!!
love and miss you lots,
Samarah ♥

Amanda said...

Cute blog! I follow Polka Dot at "Life is Too Short Not TO Wear Red Shoes". We have soo many things in common, its crazy! LOL ttul


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