Monday, January 31, 2011

like my background?

I made it!! i know! it's like totally not like me to do something like that and yet i did! I found this tutorial from Blizzard Blog Design and that let me to a blog called kevinandamanda that's the direct link to the tutorial. So i downloaded GIMP and  made a background. it was pretty easy making the background ((because i had a the tutorial)) but she had photoshop CS3 or something like that which is a lot of money. and she had photobucket so i couldn't make a code for it i had to save it as a picture and make it so it was a picture in my background ((does that make sense?)) and one more thing lol i couldn't make it 3D because i had to save it as a JPEG image ((jpg,jp)) instead of GIMP XCF image ((xcf)) so i couldn't make it 3D anyway it took me and my dad a while to figure it out but at least i got it on, and it's all thanks to kevinandamanda!
I'm working on my header right now...
Hope you all have a great day!

Friday, January 28, 2011

under construction ...

Sorry about my background template thing right now...i haven't been having much time to fix it. But at least it brings a spring-y look on a winter background! doesn't it make you exited?! lol jk i'll have it fixed soon ;)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Some pics...

i was sitting on my bed with my computer and i was watching my lil' sister Linnea and decided to take some pics of her cuz she is THE cutest baby in whole entire world! i just added all of them so there are more pictures on this post then usual...of course i usually don't post pictures...:( i need a better camera i have a few more pics that it took and that'll prove that i need a better one!

i put my hat on Linnea she looked so cute!

So thats my lil sister! isn't she cute??? so now for the pics i took of the moon i saw the other night...gorgeous!! but me camera made it look like a white dot. . .

isnt that sad??? oh well i did take these pics though they turned out better

i edited the last two and a few of the baby pics but most if it is straight from the camera!
hope you all have a great day!
p.s. i made a new signature ya like? i i just used the font from picnik :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

life goes on,

So it's been a little while since I've done a *real* blog post. But i've been sick so I haven't wanted to do one. And school is taking a while but anyway i knew i needed to write one now even if i don't feel like it and i'd rather sleep. lol well maybe not sleep...i don't know!  ;)
Well it's been pretty cold lately...we got a ton of snow last night and today was a snowday ((my dad is a teacher and usually if he has a snowday we do to)) but i did have to do math... i really wish i could open my window. i love it when my window is open. that was kinda random this whole post will probably be random though. <3
I'm really hungry right now, i didn't have lunch because i wasn't hungry then but now i am and my stomach is growling...remember when you were little and you pretended that there was a lion or bear in your stomach and when it growled it wasn't you that was hungry but the lion or bear? i used to pretend that a lot when i was little :) i really want to get a new look for my blog...something unique and different....but also cute and pretty. I'm thinking about going to the Blizzard Blog Design to ask them if they will basically "redo" my blog....anyway I'm not sure.
My little sister is growing so fast! she's the most adorable baby EVER!!
I am soooo ready for spring. Since we live with my grandma now there are lots of flowers and pretty plants and stuff i took this picture last year i think of one of her flowers which one do you like the best?

 i think that the "less boost" one doesn't look very much different from the original one...and i couldn't find what i used for the last picture...ugh oh well *life goes on* ;)
Anyway i've been doing this post for longer than i wanted to....i kept having to restart my computer. :P
Hope you all have a great rest of the day! <3

Thursday, January 13, 2011

more giveaways!

Lucia and Hannah are having wonderful amazing giveaways!!! so you really need to head on over there to enter!

there are so many prizes!

Sorry about the short post i should really get to bed! lol


Monday, January 10, 2011

A giveaway from Polka Dot!

There is a giveaway from Polka Dot! She is having like 26 prizes! so head on over there and enter!

hope you all have a great day!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

busy busy busy & confessions

I would have written a blog post for New Years but i was a my friends house having a Christmas get-together. Her mom taught us how to make lap quilts. Ours are almost done, but they turned out really well and i had a lot of fun doing it. Oh yeah and for me and my friends birthday a kind lady does a tea party for us and that's usually in August but something happened to her lungs this year so we had to postpone it to just a few days ago. But i just realized how much i like to sew. :D i didn't think I'd like it very much because it's so easy to make mistakes and sometimes I'm a perfectionist. But i like to sew. that was last weekend lol now it's Friday and i still haven't posted anything! sorry I've been so busy i keep saying "i gotta write a blog post and then something comes up right when i sit down. Well Samarah inspired me to do a confessions post. So here it goes!

Confession I haven't been doing well with my New Years Resolutions I was supposed to work out everyday ((like walk for 30+ min or work out video or something)) and eat healthier but that's really hard because it's cold and i love to bake! i love to walk outside (we have trails at the end of out street) and it's harder when it's freezing cold. and I just make muffins yesterday morning with my new cupcake maker and i couldn't resist but now I'll have to stop baking stuff......*sigh*

Confession It's really hard to wake up early when your a night owl. I keep going to bed late and having to wake up early. i just started this "set alarm for 7:30" but the other night night i went to bed at *clears throat* way later then i wanted!! ok well it wasn't THAT late it was only 11:00 but if i want to be able to function during the day i have to go to bed earlier. anyway.....yeah

Confession before we moved i told myself "when i get my own room it'll always be clean!"'s not. it's really hard to keep my room clean i still have like 4 boxes that i don't know what do do with. But someday i'm gonna totally clean out my closet (that will probably be when my mom gets her and my dads clothes out of my closet! love you mom!)

Confession i just watched Fellowship of the Rings last night....for the first time....yeah i didn't think i would like it so that's why i never wanted to but we were gonna watch a movie last night cuz my two little sisters were spending time with my grandma and so we wanted to watch a movie that they couldn't while we had the chance. I didn't think i would like it because i can't stand violence at all. But it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. the only thing was it left me hanging i didn't know ((or forgot)) that the one story is in three books ((same with the movie)) so i now want to watch the second one. My mom said that it's more violent then the first but that's ok lol

Confession i don't know if you know this or not but i'm saving up for a camera.....well *attempting* anyway but it hasn't been working to well lol sometimes it's hard for me to save money, somehow it just starts to leave me.

Confession i don't think i could function without my ipod...ok i would but i reaaaaaalllly like my ipod now more than ever lol ((story coming later)) and i probably couldn't function without my laptop. without my laptop i wouldn't be able to blog. or facebook. or email!!!

Confession I haven't been very dedicated to my blog lately. i'll right a post and then just stop and that makes me sad...maybe someday i'll post everyday....won't that be a miracle. ;)

Okay not for my story i told you i was gonna's not anything scary or anything just idk lol

me and my sister ((i'm gonna call her "H")) were walking to a pizza place to get candy for everyone for after dinner. i brought my wallet and my ipod. and it was really cold and the snow was sorta deep, but not to where it was hard to walk. anyway we've been walking for about 20 min and i just "happend" to get the idea to open my wallet to make sure i had money ((i know i should have thought of it sooner but hey nobody's perfect! lol)) and i found out i only had a couple quarters and a dime. great i thought so i got out my ipod ((touch)) and started looking for unlocked wifi  lol yeah i'm bad jk!!! i think your alowed to do that....but anyway i found some and went on my email to see if my mom was on (by then it was snowing really hard you could barely see) and she was so i typed MOM!? and i told her that i didn't have any money and asked her to get me and she asked where i was and stuff so we ended up meeting at the pizza place and alls good haha but now i appreciate my ipod! lol

well there is my long post well it's sorta long...lemme look...yeah i guess you could say it's long lol
Hope you all have a great rest of the day!

With love,



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