Tuesday, January 18, 2011

life goes on,

So it's been a little while since I've done a *real* blog post. But i've been sick so I haven't wanted to do one. And school is taking a while but anyway i knew i needed to write one now even if i don't feel like it and i'd rather sleep. lol well maybe not sleep...i don't know!  ;)
Well it's been pretty cold lately...we got a ton of snow last night and today was a snowday ((my dad is a teacher and usually if he has a snowday we do to)) but i did have to do math... i really wish i could open my window. i love it when my window is open. that was kinda random this whole post will probably be random though. <3
I'm really hungry right now, i didn't have lunch because i wasn't hungry then but now i am and my stomach is growling...remember when you were little and you pretended that there was a lion or bear in your stomach and when it growled it wasn't you that was hungry but the lion or bear? i used to pretend that a lot when i was little :) i really want to get a new look for my blog...something unique and different....but also cute and pretty. I'm thinking about going to the Blizzard Blog Design to ask them if they will basically "redo" my blog....anyway I'm not sure.
My little sister is growing so fast! she's the most adorable baby EVER!!
I am soooo ready for spring. Since we live with my grandma now there are lots of flowers and pretty plants and stuff i took this picture last year i think of one of her flowers which one do you like the best?

 i think that the "less boost" one doesn't look very much different from the original one...and i couldn't find what i used for the last picture...ugh oh well *life goes on* ;)
Anyway i've been doing this post for longer than i wanted to....i kept having to restart my computer. :P
Hope you all have a great rest of the day! <3


samarah said...

ahhh... I was so excited when I saw you wrote a new blog post! :D
I'm so sorry you were sick! I hope you are feeling better! I love having the windows open and a breeze flowing through the house :)
You should TOTALLY ask someone do a blog makeover! :D I'm going to get one later, I really like my design right now :)
I like all of the pictures of the flower! ;)
I love random posts! I'm getting ready to do one on my blog ;))

miss and love you,

samarah said...

oh and you might want to take down the giveaway page ;)

sarahlynn said...

((that giveaway page is just there for all the giveaways i might have or i might put other peoples giveaways on there to "spread the word" lol thanks though!!))
<3 you :)

Jazzie said...

Hey girl. If you were using www.picnik.com to edit your photos it looks like that last photo (where you forgot the effect) is Cross Process. I know cause it is one of my favorites:)
xxo, Jazzie

samarah said...

@sarahlynn oh ok :) I was just wondering because you still have our giveaway up on there even tho you said it ended. but whatever floats your boat!

@Jazzie- I couldn't think of the name of the edit! thanks! :) I love it too!

with love,


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