Friday, April 29, 2011

Good to be back:)

Yay! I'm back! I had a very good break, it felt good to not have to worry about keeping up on my posts. I have a few exciting things to tell you!

First things first, I know that my birthday isn't for 9 more days but a while back I got my birthday present, I got a camera! I was so excited and happy! so i've taken like at least 700-800 pictures since i got it:) i love it so much!  It's a Nikon Coolpix L110.

Next thing is I'm (hopefully) going to help out at a Christian camp, I really want to be a counselor (in training) but it might be all taken :( that would be sad...but it's ok because I'm volunteering my time and that's a good thing:)

My new blog look is here just not installed, she is on vacation for 2 weeks so she didn't have time to put it in.

Last but definitely not least is, I'm going on a missions trip to Haiti....!!!! isn't that just crazy?! Just think me, going to Haiti?!?!?! crazy I tell you...but they do have spiders....banana spiders  *shudders*  I have just recently realized how much spiders scare me i have no idea why but they do. But anywho, I'm pretty excited, this will be a very big summer is going to be so busy.  Well, here are some of my photos.

 my sister Hannah, i gave her my old camera she was so excited! it was so cute:)

                                                       I'm not sure why but I like this one...:)

                                                                   how could I resist that?!

                                                                         I like this one:)


                                                                 my sisters are so cute:)
                                I would love this picture a lot more if that car and that building wasn't

            My grandma says that the wind does that to the plant and makes it swirl around and around :)

I had to crop my mom out of that one because I shouldn't show faces, and I've already showed Linnea on here anyway. but I just had to show you this because got her pacifier falling in mid air (I was really far away from them too it's amazing how far this can zoom...)

Okay so, how have all of you been? I've been doing pretty well, lot's of things have happened and right now I'm just {trying} to take it easy until May comes (May is going to be a really busy month).

Well I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a great rest of the day!


Miss Deb said...

I love your pictures Sarah!! :)

I'm afraid of spiders too. I don't know why. They're way smaller then me so I shouldn't be. I think they're just creepy.

samarah said...

yay!! pictures :) they are really good :) I'm so glad you are loving the camera. its amazing =) We need to talk! I MISS YOU!! :/


Katy said...

Hi! I'm going to start publishing guest posts on my blog once a month and I would love to have you enter. Would you be interested? You can read more about it on my blog:


rach. said...

I love your blog! if you get the chance to check out my blog i would love to see what you think of it! you opinions would be greatly appreiciated. :)

follow me?


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