Monday, May 30, 2011

ahhhhh back to semi-normalness :)

Hey! How have you all been?? I hope you at least missed me a little...? Hopefully I will be able to post regularly now since school is almost done. Summer is beginning, even though it is so humid and hot out right now! But it's okay because I gave my bed to my sisters, and I'm getting a new bed. But it's not here yet so I get to sleep down in the basement with the dehumidifier...haha I get so hot at night.
Anywho, how do you like my design? I wanted it to be wider, but she would have had to redo the whole thing so I said that it's fine the way it is:)
I finally got myself hooked on twitter! You can find me @sarahhh_r My tweets are protected so I have to at least know you from blogging. I don't want some stranger trying to follow me haha.

I am so enjoying my camera! It's amazing! And I have so many photos on it and haven't had the time to transfer them to my computer so that's why there isn't any photos on this post. Sorry!

Well we are going to plant our garden now. Have a great day my lovely followers/friends!

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Here's Deb! said...

I missed reading what you have to say. :)


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