Saturday, November 28, 2009

Settling down

Phew! I am finally ready to just have a normal life again! with all my family coming up here and Thanksgiving! I am so glad for it to be back to normal!

My Dad came up with this really great idea! He said that since (as you know) my Mom is having a baby, we definitely won't have enough room for us all...we don't have enough room for just us! So, my Dad had this idea that we could make a room down in the garage! It would be bigger than my Mom and Dad's room and me and my brother Anthony would share it! So then the new baby would have our old room. We would paint it and put carpet and put up dry wall! Oh! I am soooo excited! I was hoping that my dad would put a dry wall up to split the room but it wouldn't work.

Anyway, I asked my mom's friend (she is good with colors and did a whole blog post on colors and what moods they bring in a room I am going to post that on here so you all can see!) My dad thought about putting a stand up shower in there and it already has a sink and stuff, I'm not sure that we would do but, maybe only one of us would go down there not sure...

Here is the color/mood thing:

- Makes you feel hungry, a stimulate, raises blood pressure, produces feeling of anger, and raises energy levels, tends to draw people together and stimulate conversations- not the best choice for bedrooms, but works great in moderation in a dining room or a kitchen.

- Also a simulate color. It often makes you feel awake and energized, can make a room seem welcoming, but also tends to make people feel frustrated. Again, not a very good choice as the primary color in a bedroom, but works nicely in a kitchen, bathroom, or dining room.

-Know for it's calming, relaxing, and serene qualities. It brings blood pressure down, and slows the heart rate. This is a wonderful color for bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, and living rooms. This is a tricky color to work with though to get the desired effect. Dark blues can produce feelings of sadness, while very light pastel blues can make a room feel cold. Try to work with warmer, softer tones of blue like turquoise, or periwinkle for example.

- Also know to be relaxing and calming, and is actually considered the most restful color for the eye. Because of this, it is a great color for any room of the house. It is refreshing and cheerful, but not a stimulant.

- The darker hues are dramatic, sophisticated, rich, and produces moods of creativity.

The lighter tones are warm and restful, similar to blues.

-produces feelings of excitement, energy, and enthusiasm. Not a good idea for a bedroom or a living room if you want a relaxing environment, but great for an exercise room!

Black- Adds depth, grounds the color scheme, and very versatile. Not recommended as the primary color for your walls, but great as an accent color.

- Once again very versatile, and great as an accent color. White walls tend to make a room seem incomplete and expansive, and bring out feelings of frustration.

and brown- Very neutral colors that are warm and relaxing when used in moderation. Use the darker tones in moderation as to not add a "heaviness" to the room, which evokes a depressive mood.


So, I really want green in my room, I posted a comment her blog and asked her what she recommended for colors in my room. I'm waiting for her to email me back.

Well I hope ya all have a great rest of the evening!


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samarah said...

thats so cool, Sarah! I really like all the colors and definitions and stuff :) What is her blog link? I think I'd like to look at it :D

love ya! <3


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