Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swim team update!

I haven't really talked about how swim team is going so I'll talk about that for a while,

it's going really well, I haven't really gotten hurt in a while. lol and I am doing summer-salts and diving off the block now. I have really gotten more courage from doing the swim team. I'm usually to freaked out to even dive on my knee. Actually I was to freaked out to even be in 12 ft deep water! (I had to close my eye's so I wouldn't freak! lol) but now I'm all out there when it comes to swimming! God has really helped me with that :) I do admit that in other area's of my life I'm content to stay in my comfort zone, but I'm working on that :) where were moving is right by town (like walking distance) and I'll be going to the library and stuff like that a lot more :)

Anyway, that's how the swim team is coming! the last day is March 5, and I want to sign up again! :) it'll be so fun! I'll probably be in the purple team this summer! that's the highest team and I'm the one right below that :)

I just finished making banana bread and it smells really good! (random!! lol) I am really random sometimes! lol I'm talking about swimming and all of a sudden, oh, banana bread! lol

Speaking of banana bread...I have to go take it out of the oven :)

1 comment:

samarah said...

mmmm... banana bread :) You have another follower!! :D yay!
hope you are having a great day!


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