Tuesday, March 9, 2010

busy, busy, busy!

okay the second one is Chesterina, and the first one is grown up Chesterina!!

the forth one is Chester (Chesterina's mom) and the third one is Chester all grown up!!! I miss them both SO much! sorry it's all mixed up I kept having to edit it and stuff!

Swim season is over! i kinda miss it ... we are doing this testing for school thing for the next two days. and so I had to wake up at 7:00 this morning! it's been forever sense I've woke up that early! i was pretty tired this morning, I'm not right now but tomorrow or Thursday it will catch up to me and I'll end up going to bed pretty early! there is SO much going on this summer! I can't believe it! we have my birthday in May, and in June we have a Culinary camp and a horse camp I'm going to and in July my mom is having a baby, and in in July or August we are moving!! probably more stuff too. I'm glad it's going to be busy though, last summer we did almost nothing so I kinda like it busy! :) Oh yeah and HOPING to get my braces off this summer too! this August will be my THIRD year!!!!! I miss my old teeth! :( and after I get my braces off I have to have a retainer! ...sigh...

I haven't really been doing my blog much...sorry! just remind me and then I will try harder! lol

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samarah said...

I awarded you on my blog! :)


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