Friday, March 12, 2010

Awards and other things...

"Sunshine Award" the "Music Award" Thanks Samarah! :D

Next weekend I am going to Chicago on a Dare2share conference!! It's where they teach you how you share your faith with other people and to be a "light" in the darkness :) this is my first year going, this will be my brother's and one of my good fiends second time. So I am really excited! My friend and my brother (and my dad) thought it was AWESOME!!!!! So I am pretty excited about it! :)

We are celebrating my mom's birthday tomorrow! not sure what we are doing yet but, I know it's going to be fun!


samarah said...

That sounds so cool!! I hope you guys have lots of fun :D
And have fun celebrating your mom's birthday!

love ya!

sarahlynn said...

Thanks Samarah!! we will we are going to talk about what we are going to do! :) I am really excited for Dare2share!!!
love ya!


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