Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm back!!! yay!

I know I said I would be back the 6 but I decided the 5th because it's Chester's birthday today! :) and because (i didn't decide this like yesterday or anything i think it was like one or two days after I started this computerlessness thing) lol

But I am so glad I did it! I feel refreshed and ready to start again!

and I can't wait for my birthday!!! *sigh* but at least it's only 2 days away instead of like 16 when I started my fast thing whatever you want to call it!)

I'll right a bigger post when i have more time!!


samarah said...

yay you're back!! can't wait to see you!
Samarah ♥

sarahlynn said...

same here friend!
C U soon!


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