Wednesday, October 26, 2011

School, family, my room, pretty much just catching up. ;]

So It's been a while since my I've really been blogging, why did I start back up you ask? Well, honestly, I missed it. a lot. At first it was fine, and I enjoyed the break (because we all know that sometimes blogging {if done to much} can almost become a chore. sometimes) anyway after a while I started missing it and wanted to start back up again.

Okay, now that you know why I've started back up again, I have some catching up to do! My poor little blog probably missed me and wants to know how I am, ;]

I'll start with school. It's going pretty good, it's been kinda hard keeping up with all of it I've been helping my mom a lot and have started to get behind.. but I can't say I like it. But don't necessarily dislike it. PE is pretty much the only thing I dread. Well I don't dread it as much anymore because my dad, brother, and I are doing this 60 day program called "Insanity" it's pretty insane and I have to wake up (most days) at 5:55a.m. to do it, but it feels good :]

My family is doing well, Linnea is growing way to fast and I wish she'd stop. I remember when she was like 3 weeks old, now she's almost 16 months. :)

I'm redoing me room, I'm so excited because It just got painted! Paris white on top and Sandblast on the bottom (Paris white is a very light pink and sandblast is one shade darker,  with white trim in the middle of the wall.) I'm going for a vintage-y look, I want my room to be as light colored as possible. Pictures will soon come! Right now my camera has no batteries and we don't have any in this house..bummer.

 I'm surprised on how well this turned out for being taken from my phone. haha the camera is really bad on there, but with a little editing it turned out better than I thought it would.

My photos are a little blurry, ugh, those up there were one of my firsts though.
I do believe winter is coming sooner than I thought! It's getting really cold and I think the weather said middle of November? I don't remember, crazy though, came so fast. Makes me want a pair of moccasins.


   {not my image}

But of course that means Christmas, and I just can't understand it when people think it's to soon. Doesn't make sense, you get it once an year and it's been exactly a year. But people be who people be. And I personally love Christmas. :]

Well for now I'm going to end this little post, so I can get back to my schoolwork. Hope everyone who reads this feel blessed {and comments}.

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samarah said...

pretty pictures! and tell Linnea I said stop growing! ;)

love you!♥


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