Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yea! It’s fall! I absolutely l.o.v.e. fall! And I haven’t really posted anything about fall yet, so here is my fall post! What’s the first thing you think about when you think of fall? I think about a lot of things! Colored leaves, cool breezes but still warm. Sweatshirts! And spiced cider and hot chocolate! Pumpkins! And apple pie and crisp apples and caramel apples and turkeys and hayrides and horses and acorns and I even think of cranberries! So obviously I think of thanksgiving! And all that “jazz” but you know one thing I don’t think about when I think of fall? Halloween. I do not like Halloween it is the worst holiday if you could even call it a holiday. It’s just so dark and scary I have only gone trick or treating like once in my life I was like three, it scared me to death! I was freaked out! And I don’t think I have ever gone trick or treating since. Maybe like once I don’t know but I just don’t really like Halloween.  But that’s just me :) But I still love fall! and the crisp air! Oh! Fall why do you have to be so short? Why can’t Winter be a little shorter? It’s probably because of where I live. Yep where I live. I live in a place where it does get hot in the summer…like up to 90, (It’s not very often that it gets to 100 degrees) and it gets very cold in the winter. But that’s one of the reasons I like fall. it’s warm and sunny but a nice breeze! And it’s so beautiful here!

The darker it is, the brighter the light will shine.

What do you think of that? I just thought that up on my walk…I think it means you might be in a hard time, but God will help you through it. And His light will shine even brighter. 
And I didn’t even know I could think of things like that :)

I think that is pretty encouraging! (the quote is) to know that he will help you in times that you really need Him, He's there and always will be!
Maybe I’ll post pics of my “favorite place” sometime

Have blessed evening!



Heather said...

Ahh, Sarahlynn, I love fall also. the colors of fall are so beautiful and I, too, love Thanksgiving.

Thanks for sharing the quote and your thoughts on it. God is so faithful.

Love you!

Ben said...

Wow! You have been given a great gift with words! That actually was very encouraging for me today, because things are a little "dark" for me... But I know that the Lord will cause His light to shine brightly on me!

You are amazing!

Love you,

sarahlynn said...

Thanks Dad! that was encouraging right there!
your awesome too!
love you!


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