Friday, September 24, 2010


Yep! thats what i said! lost...i have never ever been lost, okay maybe a little lost. like you know at the store or something. here's how it went:
For school i have to do PE for 45 min. and so i decided to walk in the woods with my ipod and my laptop. Then half way i would sit down against a tree and blog. I always get inspired by nature. So as i was walking listening to my ipod. looked at my stopwatch and it said 13 min. so i said to my self oh 8 min then i'll stop and sit down and blog! sounds fun right? Well, 5 min. later i had KNOW idea where i was and i was walking and and walking AND walking and got to this road that i didn't didn't even know existed! I kept going back and forth and back and forth and finally decided to walk the road and walked it for at least 15 min. (it did NOT seem like it though!) I finally turned around and walked back and came to where i was before and kept trying to find my way home. All this time i was praying and praying and then started praying out loud. and almost crying cuz i was so scared! I was just scared that i would have to spend the night in the woods! I also said to myself "this is exactly why i need a phone!" lol So i finally found the sandy path that i first started and and was sooooooooooooooooo happy! i thanked God a million times! oh home! i don't think i've been so happy to be home!

Well there's my adventure! and now i had something to blog about! i mean i can always find something but not getting lost!
Have a great evening!



samarah said...

So sorry that happened to you Sarahlynn! glad you're ok :)
( I want a phone too ;)


sarahlynn said...

lol yea that's okay! it was something that has never happened and i kinda needed something new...if ya know what i mean, i so want a phone! lol if we both get one than we can call each other! yea?


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