Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hey all you bloggin' bloggers :D

Hey ya all! i have not spent much time on the computer because my laptop was dead and my cord was under my bed...yeah you can say i'm lazy, but i didn't feel like getting it because it really hard to move my bed! haha but i finally did and not its all charged up! now for my ipod...

So, i need a little prayer...okay a lot of prayer ;) I'm not doing very well in, i don't know, like getting through my day. i don't know if that makes sense but i set my alarm but it doesn't have a snooze so i just turn it off and end up falling asleep again. and then i don't get a very early start in my day and i feel like *blah* and don't want to do my school. And all that...So-oo  that is one way you can pray for me ((if you will!)) Another prayer request i have is diligence in my eating right and "getting in shape" my mom is helping me (which i'm so glad!) and i need a lot of prayer! Also kindness and patience and a good happy attitude! if i had those three traits i could get through anything! But i can't do it without God! He is the only one who can help me! I haven't posted much about God in my blog, i never really thought about it but i am now and it makes me sad. So i'm going to do something ((i'm not sure what!)) that has to do with God/Jesus. <3   Because He is all i live for and the most important in my life. I know that He can do anything! and he says that He will fulfill all our needs (even our desires!)  He says "ask, and it will be given to you" But he doesn't want us to use Him like a vending machine. Just to ignore Him until something happens and then ask for help. He wants us He wants us to grow closer to Him! He knows everything about you, but He wants to here it from you! I love to just sit in my room and just talk to God. like He's my best friend. One time when i little and scared (it was night time) and i just told him about camp. haha just talked about all the different things i did. it actually helped me not to be scared. :) I have been learning more about God this past year. mostly actually since after Christmas. I'm going to this Sunday school class and the book (that they use) is called lies that young women believe or something like that. and they interviewed 1,000 young women and asked them questions about lies they believe and so it's a really good book. One of the lies that a lot of women believe is worrying about what you look like on the outside. the book told us that the Bible says not to worry about what we look like on the outside, but on the inside. of course i already knew that but i didn't really know it. i struggle with that a lot and i need to let it go! God says i look beautiful! we all do! He made us! it's kinda like painting a beautiful picture and then the picture says it looks ugly. when it really isn't. that would make me sad so i'm trying to get it in my head that God says i'm beautiful on the outside, what i need to focus on is the inside. :)

I'm going to ponder on that for a while. and go eat dinner :) haha
Hope you all have a great rest of the day! 



samarah said...

I will be praying for you friend! I'm stuck in the same rut also, with the getting in shape and getting through the day. I wish that we lived closer so we could workout together but God has other plans :) I do have an idea and I'm going to email you and tell you about it! :)
You are GORGEOUS!! :D You have a beautiful heart and smile :)

love you bunches!


Kristine said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! I appreciate you sharing your heart and struggles. I am going to pray harder for you in those areas.

Love you so much and I am so proud of you!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Days like that are a bummer. I want to read that book now about the lies that young women believe, I bet it is interesting! Get happy :) stay positive!

samarah said...

Oh and I have the book Lies that Young Women Believe :) I read parts of it... its really good!

love you,


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