Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday's {Saturday's} Ramble

Well I see I'm a day late....I guess that's not unusual for me.

That's ok because there are no rules in the Blog world!

If I could only find my camera cord, I promise I'd have a dozen pictures on here...but I don't so I only have the Christmas pictures I took of my sister. {some are in my header, yes the one that is smaller than I wanted it to be...}

It was really fun, even though my camera really doesn't do what I want it to do. Especially since my little sister dropped it...I'm just glad it still works.

Anyway Christmas is coming up! And tomorrow I'm going Christmas shopping with one of my closest friends!

And I'm texting her right now, It's so funny the conversations you have with your friend...I know you know what I mean

Anyway it finally snowed! isn't that awesome? it has to be my sister, she has so much faith in things like that she would have prayed up 'till Christmas morning for snow...I'm so glad God made it snow for her(:

If you have wondered about my decision about giving my iPod to my sisters, it hasn't changed. I still feel like I need to, I know I'm really going to miss it..haha I know that it's just a thing but you can't help but want it right?

Nothing much has been going on around here...just baking, and decorating, oh and I just finished school for my break! ahh feels good. [:

So those are just a few of the few photo's I shot. I'm really wanting a new camera but it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon. Photography is such an amazing thing, and I love the feeling of getting the shot that I want. My camera just isn't doing that since the fall it hasn't been working right and maybe the camera just wasn't made for what I like to photograph...I'm looking into the Nikon D3100, what are your thoughts? And again this won't be happening for quite some time, that's ok, I love dreaming.<3

Oh and I have my hear in socks! I'm really hopin' this turns out to be curly...and I suggest to you who have long hair to consider learning how to do the Sock Bun. It makes good curls too. [:



Lhen said...

such cute pics, Sarah. have a Merry Christmas!!!

smiles from,
Lhen :)

Here's Deb! said...

Sarah, you really do have a gift for photography! I hope you get that awesome camera one day!!


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