Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Fri-Day!

Finally I get some free time! {actually, it isn't free time, I really should be doing school right now} It's been a long time since I’ve had a little time to myself.

This post is probably going to have a bunch of short paragraphs of awesomely random things, and this is probably going to turn out to be my "Friday's Ramble" *gasp* I just had an idea! In the middle of my post! {more like the beginning} Now you'll get to see a post every Friday!

So, December is here, oh and Happy Late-Thanksgiving! I was hoping I could get some time to write a post but my parents decided that we weren't going to do any media that weekend. I was ok with that, just a little bummed because I wanted to write a post.

And guess what? I still don't have any batteries for my camera! So I'm getting low on pictures...

Anyway, I am so glad that time is going by fast, I'm already almost on my 13th week in school and Christmas is almost 3 weeks away. I guess you could say I'm an impatient person haha.

Oh! My parents and I are watching this really cool new show called Once Upon a Time. You can watch it online HERE. It's a really cool show and you should watch it! ;)

So it finally snowed last night! Usually it will snow in the latest early November. But here we are December 2, and it just snowed! Oh well, I'm just glad we have some now. (:

I wish I could write this super long post about all that’s happening, but that's gonna have to wait for a later date. Hopefully not to late.

Does any of you have a friend when one of you say something and you both laugh, it automatically turns into an inside joke? And at the present you have 10 books worth of inside jokes just waiting to be written? And when you try to think of one you just cant? Ahhh good times. We even have an inside joke, about inside jokes. that's a bit crazy if you ask me..

I know not very many people read this blog anymore, but if you happen to stumble across it, could you leave a comment so I know someone is reading it, haha I'm sure this is just God helping me with my patience. But what's the point of writing a blog if you don't have anybody to read it? 

Anywho, I need some help on gift ideas for my brother and my mom. And I'd like to know if any of you have a favorite quote that you'd like to share...

hahaha if you look at this post over again, you can see how unorganized I am. You probably saw that while you were reading. I just realized it four paragraphs I talked something about time, the first, third, fifth, and seventh. lol :P I hope you like that kind of thing, because I think I'm getting better at it...

Have a good Friday!


Heather said...

Hi Sarah! You are so fun...I MISS YOU!! Last year, this time, you were at our house. {sniff, sniff} And we were making and laughing at tons of inside jokes. In fact, yesterday I was out shopping with my oldest girl and she kept mentioning the fact that we'd gone to this store and that store with YOU last year. We may have even shed a tear or two.

I have an idea for your mom...don't know if it's something you can do or not. BUT I don't think I should leave the idea right here out in the open. I'll send you a FB message.

Love you!!!

Here's Deb! said...

I'm here. :)

willow said...

I'm samarah's friend, Ellyn! I don't know if she's mentioned me to you or not, but I know who you are. :) Haha I'm not a stalker, I just know about you!!
I don't read your blog regularly, but I do read it. :)


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