Friday, March 4, 2011

Guess i'll have to try a little harder....

I totally am not used to posting i'll probably will be doing doubles all month. But anyway yesterdays was

Your favorite movie
well...i guess I might change my mind tonight because me, my older brother and my mom and dad are going to watch Inception ... my dad and brother watched it the other night and they loved it soo my and my mom are gonna watch it so that might become my favorite lol i don't know though...anyway, my favorite now is, ummm i have no idea. haha

 Your favorite song
well, there a lot of songs that i realllly like. I like You are more ~ from Tenth Avenue North and i like all of there other songs lol...guess i could just say i like all there songs instead of...anyway i also like all of tobyMac's songs and dc talk and Newsboys (the old and new, newsboys) so i don't really have a favorite song ;)

So, i thought spring might be coming...but i woke up this morning with the sound of sleet. ugh, not good, now there  is ice and snow and water and everything else around here...oh well, life goes on. But, i have managed to only wear my coat when it was freezing! yeah i'm weird but i've really only worn jackets and sweatshirts. ;)
Well i have to finish school, hope y'all have a blessed day!


Abby said...

Heyyyy! I love your blog background :) cute blog!

-Abby :)

samarah said...

I've been hearing that Inception is a fantastic movie. im interested in it :) too bad we don't live close to each other, we could watch it together ;] oh well... *sigh*

love you!


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