Sunday, March 6, 2011

i have an idea....

I think that i'm going to make this everyday posting thing every other day...because it's getting to be where i'm like "i need to write a blog post" and i either don't have time or i just don't feel like it or some other odd, i think that i'm going to write half as many topics so then i can feel...more uh free! haha anyways. i'm about ready to go to bed, but i had to catch up sooo i'm just going to catch up and then start on Tuesday with a new topic...does that all make sense?

a friend
well, i am not a very outgoing i don't have like you know 15 friends and just goes out there and makes friends...but I'm not someone that doesn't get along with other people. i get along with almost everyone i's really rare if i meet someone that i don't at least get along with. but sometimes it takes awhile for me to make friends because I'm usually not the person to make the first step to you know what i mean?  anyway. So all that to say is i have 2 real good friends and the one I'm am going to share with you...most of you already know her (from blogging) is Samarah! i have known Samarah for, well all my life. She is such a great dear friend! That i have wished soooo many times that we lived closer! i was born in the state she lives, but then we moved and now we can only see each other once or twice a year :( So, Samarah, i miss you sooooooooo much!!! haha and to all you bloggers, I'm so thankful for all of you! i love followers and people who comment! It just make me so happy! and i love seeing new people to my blog commenting that they like it! ohhhhh it fills my heart with joy!! (I'm being serious!! ;)

A good singer.
well, I'd have to say either my other real good friend (haha coincidence? nah.) or my dad...They both are really good and my dad used to be part of our church's band thing and my friend right now sings in front of her youth group :) awesome huh? i could never ever sing in front of anybody but the mirror...yea, you could call me strange....

Well, off to bed! i gotta wake up early so i can exercise! (trying to get back on track with my new years resolution ;)

with love,

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samarah said...

Love you so much girl!! I'm a bad singer. I feel bad for the people who have to sit next to me in church. hehe ;P

praying for you!! ♥♥


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