Saturday, March 12, 2011

running out of things...

I've been running out of things to blog about...any suggestions? I'm open for anything. :D I don't think I'm cut out for the "march every day posting" thing.  Anywho, i don't know.

I don't know about you but i think that March passing sooo's only the 12th!!!! i really want April to come so May can come so my birthday can come :D haha...anyways, i want that camera i was "typing" about in a different post...this is the post I'm talking about aaaaand i won't be able to get that camera that i want. sooo i have to think of something else that i want :) haha I'm thinking room makeover....!!! lol no that would be wayyyy to expensive ;D ohh i know i wanted to see Tim Hawkins for my birthday! that would be amazing :D maybe i could go to a tobymac concert too ;) I'm a bit dreamy hahaha. anywho, i want to go to my friends house because last time i went there, we started a lap quilt :) so when i go over there to finish it I'll take pictures so you can see em' :D they are really bright and colorful!
Remember when i was like talking about my favorite movie or something? here's the post
well, i said that Inception might end up being my favorite movie...well it very well might be. it's a really good movie! there is some language in it that i don't appreciate but other than that i really liked it! did you see it? if you did what did you think of it??

I'm thinking of changing my blog title...i'm not sure but it just doesn't seem right for me...what do you think?

I cannot find my camera! and even if i did, it wouldn't work because it needs batteries and we don't have any and it doesn't take good pics (if you hadn't noticed already) but I'm not complaining! hahaha yeah i'm just ready to get a better one... :D

I have been having a really hard week. I'm supposed to work out every morning and the past few days it totally hasn't worked and my eating hasn't been good at all....also, I've leaned that i have a hard time excepting things...and i was getting really discouraged the other day i was having negative thoughts and everything. but my dad helped me to get through all that ((aren't dad's just awesome?!)) and I've also realized that i don't spend enough time with God. So, i am going to so some kind of devotional/bible reading every morning, my Sunday-school class helps a lot because they give you homework and i have some that i can catch up on. It's that Lies that young women believe devo thing that is in this post so that's good :) God has helped me realize these things and now i am going to work on them :)
Oh and i have a Stars performance coming this Wednesday... and i just found out that i have a new skit that i have to memorize...ughhh i forgot about that!!! *nervous chuckle*

What has God helped you realize theses days?

Well, it's good to catch up with all of you!


Anonymous said...

For posting ideas: try to join up in things like "miscellany monday" "wee bit wednesday" and "scavenger hunt sunday" or else just post whats up! examples: I got braces today. yesterday we went to the park.
I'm having a giveaway at my blog! I'm giving away some blog designs and handmade cards! I'd love it if you went over to my blog and entered!
God bless!
♥ Arianna

Hannah said...

Lately, God's goodness and faithfulness even in the midst of my own unfaithfulness and struggles, has really been impressed upon me. It's such a huge blessing to know that and I'm so grateful. My best attempts fail -- I cannot save myself. But my Savior is there and He will not leave me. His steadfast love and unending mercy are what I am so unspeakably thankful for.

Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Come on over to my blog.. I think you'll like the post on it that I JUST did!



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