Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Oh i just love the sound of March! It means that spring is almost here!! because March April and May all sound so spring-y don't they? Well compared to January and February....
Well just like some of you did this for February i'm going to do this for March. Here are all the topics ::

Day 1 A place you want to go.
Day 2 Your favorite band
Day 3 Your  favorite movie.
Day 4 A favorite song.
Day 5 A friend.
Day 6 A good singer.
Day 7 favorite game
Day 8 A picture that sums up the day.
Day 9 A beautiful quote.
Day 10 A lovely memory
Day 11 A blog
Day 12 A  fantastic book
Day 13 A funny happening
Day 14  Something you've always wanted
Day 15 An encouraging Bible verse
Day 16 A favorite shop
Day 17 A cool music video
Day 18 A trip I will never forget
Day 19 Your dream room
Day 20 A pet I have always dreamed of having
Day 21 My Church
Day 22 People I love
Day 23 My testimony
Day 24 My refuge
Day 25 The subject I love
Day 26 The subject I hate
Day 27 Old photos
Day 28 My day
Day 29 My favorite language
Day 30 Favorite car
Day 31 A sewing project

I got this from someone else and changed a few of them but most all of em' are hers. :) i have two to do today.

A place you want to go...
wow, well since i saw the fellowship of the Rings, I want to go to New's so pretty! also ummm Europe i'd love to go there too :)

Favorite band.
wow i have at least three that I'll mention. tobyMac Newsboys and Tenth Avenue North. which reminds me that i need to get an iTunes gift card because I'm broke and i need more music!!! haha anyways...

I need to do school i have a math test to finish!

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Shelley said...

Oh cool, yeah I saw it on some other blogs and at first I wasn't sure what it was. This is great for when you don't know what to post about! :)


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