Thursday, January 21, 2010

Backgrounds, templates, and other things...

Sorry about the background right's under construction. lol
I went to a blog place and it had this template I wanted to try and it took me FOREVER to put it on so I got it on and the background didn't come with it so I've been looking all over the sight to find it but I couldn't so finally I asked Samarah for
I was at the "swim team thing whatever you call it" last night and I didn't get hurt! isn't that AMAZING! The first time, I drank five cups of water up my nose and got a really bad stomach ache and the second time I cut three of my toes trying to dive and the third time I was sick to even come. And now!! nothing happened! I dove standing up though! first time EVER lol
Well I have to do school now! exciting huh?!?
Have a GREAT day!

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samarah said...

Hey Sarahlynn,
This is the complete template and everything. its cute! this one was the one i was going to do but I found the other one that I liked better :) The background that you write on and stuff is white... is that what you mean by background?? Just wondering..... :D
Love and miss you tons,


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