Wednesday, January 20, 2010


sorry I didn't do any post last night....I didn't have time. Well I am feeling well enough to go to the swim team meet thing...I don't know what it's called lol I don't think I told you that I was sick and didn't get to go Monday. Anyway, I hope I get to go tonight :)
I am trying to find a new template and background for my if you have any suggestions could you comment them to me? that would be great! :)
Well I better go...I always have to go! lol when can I just stay!?!? lol I do have to now though so I will TRY to post something later but I'm not making any promises lol :)
Have a great day!


Anthony said...

a Zelda/Mario background!

samarah said...

lol, Anthony :)

Sarahlynn- are you feeling better? I've been praying for you <3


P.S. I found saw some good backgrounds at robin blogs. Her button is on my blog.

sarahlynn said...

Samarah - thanks! I'll look there!

Anthony - I looked and there wasn't any....I wouldn't have used it if there was anyway...well it depends on what it looked like lol

Here's Deb! said...

Your cute no matter what your blog background looks like! :)

sarahlynn said...

lol thanks!


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