Sunday, January 31, 2010


sorry it's been so long...I didn't really know what to post and really haven't bee on the computer that much (well not as much as usual)
Swimming is going well...last time I went was last Wednesday I got hurt that time too...sigh, I cut my finger I'm not even sure how I did it but, I did....
My mom went away with her friend for two days (one night and two days) and we did stuff here. we went to the YMCA and went swimming and then went shopping for stuff to get dinner and we went home made the dinner which was homemade mac & cheese and it wasn't just melted cheese and noodles it was a whole bunch of other was REALLY good! we ate it all lol then I was going to babysit at there house but they ended up coming here because we weren't done making dinner. I babysat while my dad went to small group and then when I was done babysitting my dad came home and we made monkey bread (we started it before small group and we finished it after) and then we watched a movie called Shorts it was a confusing movie the first time you watch it and it was more funny the second time you watch it. then we all camped out in the living room (except for Anthony, my brother, he didn't want two because, he says, he likes his bed....yeah...right...)
My mom is planning on us getting done with school this year in May!!! isn't that AWESOME!!! lol we usually get done in late June! I'm so excited!
I am painting my new room green! I've probably already told you this but I am SO excited to have my own room! I've NEVER except when I was like 1-3 I've have always shared a room. So this is pretty exciting for me. :)

Well that's all I have to say right now!


Here's Deb! said...

I'm so happy for you that you get your own room Sarah! What a dream come true eh? :)

sarahlynn said...

YES! lol I've waited SO long!

samarah said...

I want my own room SOOOOOO bad!! but my dad says that I won't get my own room until I move out. lol ;) he's serious though :( Oh well... what can I do about it ;)
okay, Sarahlynn.... you need to stop hurting yourself! got it?! lol :D :D
love and miss ya,

sarahlynn said...

Yeah I do!! I hurt myself on the foot today...AND it's WEDNESDAY!! swim meat today! :( UGH!!!!! lol
love and miss you too!


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