Monday, January 4, 2010

First day of school......

Yeah we started school today and my mom decided to take it slow so we only had to do two subjects. Well I started math and it probably took me an hour to do it!!! I was so not focused and was very distracted! Then I did Bible, that didn't take me as long. We just got back from the Y (it's 4:20) and we were swimming and stuff...

There are two exciting things going on in my life, one is my mom's going to have a baby, the other one is we are moving!! I can FINALLY get my own room!!! I'm gonna paint it green!!! lol I love green! :) We are actually moving in with my Grandma, she gets her own little "apartment" and we get the rest of the house. :) that's all the details I know!

Gotta go make dinner!


samarah said...

My first day of school was today too! That is SO exciting that you guys are moving ( and that your mom is having a baby, but i already knew that)!! I'm SO happy for you and your family!
LOTS of love,
Samarah <3 <3

sarahlynn said...

Thanks Samarah! I am SO excited to! i haven't had my own room since I was like three!! lol
Love ya!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Congratulations on your exciting news!


samarah said...

Hey, Just thinking and praying for you today :)


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