Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catching up....finally

Okay now I can start posting again. I haven't posted anything since Christmas Eve!!! Amazing huh?!?! I don't have any pics right now but I'll post them later.

I got a whole bunch of cake decorating stuff!!! it's really cool (for those who don't know I really like to bake) I got icing mix and those tops to go on your icing bags so you can make different designs....I got neon food coloring for the icing. Now get this....lol that spatula thing that I was talking about WAS a spatula!!!! my mom didn't want me to know so she said it wasn't!!! lol it's a spatula that smooths out cakes so you don't have to use a knife!! lol and I got a really cool dessert cooking book it has a picture for every recipe! it looks SO good!! and I got a puzzle (300 piece) and two wii games!! they are so fun!! it's called "cooking mama" (i don't really like the name) but the game is SO fun I have it on my ds and that on is really fun too. I got earrings. and my Grandma made me a GREEN shall!!! it's really pretty! (and if you don't know my favorite color is green) I got scrap-booking stuff and ummmm oh yeah and this movie that's called "Touched by an Angel, I watched the first two episodes and I like them a lot!! And then I got some little stuff like chocolate and stuff :) We went to two Christmas parties with my fam. One two my Grandma and one to my Aunt and Uncle's. So I have had a REALLY fun Christmas!!! :)

We signed up to be members of the YMCA and my mom decided a few weeks ago that I was gonna be on the swim team. Before, a long time a go I think it was last year...okay maybe not a LONG time ago but it wasn't so close to now either.... when I took swimming lessons I loved the idea but now when it started to get closer that I wasn't so sure. so ever since my mom told my I was going to try out for the swim team, I got really nervous just thinking about it...then when the Y opened I got REALLY nervous and started asking and telling my mom " I don't want to be on the swim team!!" or "Mom, I'm scared, I'm nervous" lol then We went to the Y and I did the try out. when i got there I was the only girl there except for the coach....that made my even worse. But when I got into the water and started to do it I loved it!! it was so tiring though....she worked us hard!! but it was really fun...and now I wonder why I was even nervous. lol

And then....my dad asked me to cut his hair!!! I did NOT want to do that! I totally messed up his hair! He just laughed but still!! I feel TERRIBLE!!! :( He is going to ask my mom to even it out when she wakes up from her nap.... :( I feel really bad!!

Well that's about all that's going on around here.....hope you have a good day!!


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