Thursday, December 10, 2009

Posting Mylife

I think I skipped a day for my countdown ... I think there are 15 but maybe 14 lol I don't know! I'll Just say there are 15 Today My friend is SUPPOSED to come over, but I'm not sure if that'll happen because of the snow storm, We have a snow day today again!! lol Okay I'm going to tell you about yesterday because I didn't have time to do it yesterday and you'll see why! =)

I woke up as usual and ate breakfast, then I sat down with our "family" laptop and checked all my stuff. Then I did my chores and then we (as in my siblings) went outside. Then my cousin came over and we made Christmas Cookies! That was fun! we made a really BIG mess! lol and then my cousin and my sister went outside and I don't really remember what I did after I think I just "hung out" lol =) Then we had Dinner, baked chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy peas and biscuits. =) It was good except for the chicken (I don't favor chicken any kind really) Anyway then my and my sister cleaned the kitchen (we have to clean the kitchen every day for every meal. My brother and my other sister do the laundry) Then we played some games (like hangman) and then we watched "Eloise at Christmastime" And when I went on here it was right before the movie and it was about 8:30 maybe and then we went to bed (after the movie) That was my day! lol

Well I gotta go!


P.S. Thanks for all the comments! I really enjoy them! =)

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Anonymous said...

I like your blog. You have a cool background!!!!!
Your friend,


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