Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just posting...about Christmas

Me and my brother Anthony were looking our Presents under the Christmas tree and I got this present that looks like a spatula but my mom said it isn't.....I have no idea what it is, it looks really weird. lol
I am SO excited for Christmas!!! I can't believe that there are only 3 days left! it's amazing!! it came so fast! I started counting the days until Christmas since there were like 43 days....now only 3! I thought then that 43 was just a little, well it is compared to 365 but, compared to 3! BIG difference! lol
Well maybe I should talk about something else instead of Christmas.....okay maybe not. I don't really have anything else going on. lol I probably do I'm just not thinking about it because of Christmas! lol
Well now that were on the subject, do you usually get your pets stuff for Christmas? we always do, Me and my sister Got signed to Oliver, our cat, we got him this play thing that he can play in. He is still a kitten so he still likes to play. Our other cat, Chester, she didn't play when she got bigger... all she ever thought about was she wanted to go outside, and get away from us...lol we weren't very good cat owners when we had Chester. We tortured the poor cat....I wish we wouldn't have though. Anyway, that's what we got Oliver. For Biscuit we got a bag of pig ears....it's weird though, the bag came with THREE pig ears....shouldn't it come with two or four because now there is a one-eared pig out there somewhere....sad.
I won't tell you what I got for the rest of the fam because my family reads my blog and I don't want them to know. lol I'll tell you the 25 or 26 of December. (most likely the 26 though)

Well I better go!
Have a great day!

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