Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just posting...

We have been really busy today and the past few days. Today we went to our airport and packed presents for a place that keeps kids. It was fun and a neat experience. :)

We didn't end up doing the Christmas tree today, we are going to do it tomorrow after church! that will be fun. :D We are going shopping tonight and and we are getting stuff for the Christmas decorating tomorrow. My friend is coming over Thursday, and we are making Christmas cookies. I haven't used a cookie cutter in years! The last time I think was years ago and my Grandma would have and tradition of making ginger bread men cookies and decorate them. I haven't done that in SO long! So this will be fun doing something like that again. The cookies and sugar cookies and we are using red and green sprinkles! I am excited for that! :D

Well I have to get ready to go shopping!
Sarahlynn :)

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