Monday, December 7, 2009

New post schedule

Every night (the latest I can) I will post about my day, So the next morning (unless you read it the night that I post it) you can see what I did yesterday. :)

This morning I woke up, sat on the couch and looked at the Christmas tree (which reminds me that I need to take pictures of it and post it on here) Anyway, then, I got up and ate breakfast, Cereal to be exact, Honey comb cereal to be more exact. Then I had to do my chores, I had to feed the animals, get dressed, brush teeth/hair, (just so you know this isn't in order I switch it all the time) do Quite Time, clean room and make bed. Then I prepared to do school. By this time it was 11:30 (that is NOT a good start) I go on my email and because I had to ask my mom if we are doing regular school today, she said yes, then either she gets on and talks to me or I get on and talk to her either way I started to chat on the computer with Samarah. By the time we were done I went out into the living room and my mom asked me about my friend coming over and so I called her and then we got into a conversation and by then I think it was 12:30 and wait lol I talked to my friend and THEN I chatted with Samarah then I ate lunch and then my mom told me that her Friend was coming over and I'm like "now I'll never get school done!" (usually I get school done my 2:00 or 3:00 maybe sooner) but it was like almost 1:30! so my mom said not to worry about school today! :) I was happy about that! Then I get back on with Samarah and we talk for a few min. Then my mom's friend came over and we chatted and then I had to take a shower (it was 2:45 maybe?) So I took a shower and then I had go baby-sit. I got over there and I made them Dinner (I ate too) and we played and colored (whatever they wanted to do) then we watched a movie then we kinda "hung out" until there parents got home. I got back home and got on here to check my email, my blog, and Samarah's blog. :)

Over all I think it was a pretty good day!

Have a great night ( or what's left of it anyway lol) :) :D


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't think you left anything out of your day! :)

Well, no slacking today for school! Math test today! Yippee! LOL.


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